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5 Ways to be a Better Friend

Living in a day and age that promotes independence and being able to get through ‘anything and everything’ by yourself, it’s OK to realise that sometimes you need some external support. Whether it’s a shoulder to cry on or simply a sounding board to vent what’s on your mind, it’s important to remember that listening, rather than giving advice could be more powerful than you realise. The most important thing to remember is if your mouth is open, you’re not listening. Choose to be a friend, not a teacher.

3 simple steps to start your day smiling

One of my best friends has three kids, all under the age of six. She was talking about how she feels when she wakes up and how she feels when she goes to bed. I’m paraphrasing here, but essentially she said, ‘I don’t get enough sleep, and I never get enough done’. Let...

7 Secret Steps to Body Confidence

The Forever Approach is a 7-pillar system that recognises that your health, happiness and your body confidence is not just as simple as eating more kale and doing more squats. Our bodies and minds are so much more complicated than that. This approach isn’t an 8-week...

I sold my soul in an attempt to peddle my business. It failed miserably.

We’ve all heard the celebrity stories: baring it all to get careers off the ground. But with the advent of social media, is being near nude now the norm? Scroll through your feed and within a matter of milliseconds, you’ll see everything from perky pecs to bountiful booties, leaving very little to the imagination. But what is the point of these photos? A showing of self-love, a sales pitch, or a subliminal signal for help?

Women should feel no shame about their bodies while exercising

A recent Victorian study found more than 50% of women have been judged or shamed because of the way they looked while exercising. So much so, that the humiliation and judgment made some give up exercise. Do women not have enough barriers to getting our daily activity in? Do women not feel enough shame when they’re overdue for a lip wax and a root colour? Yet now we have to worry about what we look like even while we’re pounding the pavement while being suffocated by lycra.

What you need to know about your body image triggers

But here’s the real question: what keeps these thoughts and feelings going?

If you were called chubby when you were a kid, and years later you aren’t chubby anymore but still feel that way any time you’re at a dinner at your family’s house, what’s the deal with that? In this blog you’ll learn how your present-day triggers can catapult your thoughts, feelings and emotions back to the past and set you up for a day filled with anxiety and frustration, and what you can do to stop these triggers in their tracks.

How to compare less and live more

Over ninety percent of adults in the United States have a social media account, spending on average two to four hours on online checking updates and likes.  It has also been estimated that in our lifetime, we will spend five years glued to our accounts. Without question, the tsunami of information we absorb from being voyeurs of other people’s lives is not always a good thing.

Gain confidence in business with this make or break method

This blog is devoted to helping you become wise. I made many mistakes during my transformation into a confident, successful businesswoman, which helped me build a foolproof method for becoming confident in business. These next pages include a practical guide on how to find the ‘why’ of your business—and why that ‘why’ is critical for building authentic confidence in its success.

Pimp my Positive Thinking

Are you trying to be more positive but somehow, negativity slips back in your life? You Nama-stay in all the right places but your resting bitch face takes you elsewhere?

You’re not alone. Being positive isn’t something you achieve overnight, it takes learning the what, how and why to make it stick.

Discover how to pimp your positive neurons and put negative thinking to the curb.