Learn how to smash your inner bully so you can live a kick-ass, confident life in only 10 weeks.

Double your confidence in only 10 weeks, so you can live a courageous, kick-ass life without toxic people (or your inner bully) getting in the way. 

Learn how to achieve this incredible goal… even if you're scared to try.

Hi! I'm Dr Katherine Iscoe.

It’s funny how life works. I started with so little confidence that I almost ended my life, now I help others to build theirs. Learn how I went from being a player, to the coach in life’s most dangerous game: The Pursuit of Perfection.

Confidence skills improve your life, 

at work and at home. 

Body Confidence Book

There is a big difference between obsessing about your appearance, and taking pride in it. And that's what this workbook is all about - helping you feel good again from the inside out.

10 Weeks to Wake Up Confident

In only 10 weeks you will crush a confidence project that pushes your boundaries into uncertain but exciting territory, crushing fears of failure so you can double your energy, enjoy fulfilling relationships and live a kick-ass life.

Need someone to awe your audience?

You’re organising an event and need a speaker that can awe your audience. Problem is, now more than ever before, speakers must instantl engage their crowd and (let’s just be honest here) keep them awake for more than 5 minutes, a difficult task in the #swipeleft digital era.

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