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Hi, I'm Dr Katherine Iscoe.

I’m a Canadian-born (eh!) confidence mentor who thrives on teaching effective, evidence-based solutions to help people build kick-ass confidence.

Ready to learn? Start with my free 3-step guide and learn how to CRUSH your Inner Bully in minutes. It even includes a 20 minute training video.

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Double your confidence in only 7 weeks, so you can live a courageous, kick-ass life without toxic people (or your inner bully) getting in the way. 

Learn how to achieve this incredible goal… even if you're scared to try.

Lisa Campbell

"This course has changed my life and given me the strength to better myself, by working through my insecurities and inner bully. It has helped me see things in a new light. The tools that we are given in this course are easy and effective. My biggest breakthrough has been letting go of my fears. I feel so much more stronger within myself, since doing this course. I see myself in a whole new light and everyday I’m making new progress in more areas of my life."

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Other than shoe shopping, there is nothing I love more than having the honour to spread my message about confidence building. For media inquires, simply send me a message here and I'll get back to you within 24h.

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My story.

It’s funny how life works. I started with so little confidence that I almost ended my life, now I help others to build theirs. Learn how I went from being a player, to the coach in life’s most dangerous game: The Pursuit of Perfection.

Body Confidence Book

There is a big difference between obsessing about your appearance, and taking pride in it. And that's what this workbook is all about - helping you feel good again from the inside out.

Need someone to awe your audience?

You’re organising an event and need a speaker that can awe your audience. Problem is, now more than ever before, speakers must instantly engage their crowd and (let’s just be honest here) keep them awake for more than 5 minutes, a difficult task in the #swipeleft digital era.

Learn how to quiet your inner bully so
you can live fearlessly and get shit done!