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It’s funny how life works. I started with so little confidence that I almost ended my life, now I help others to build theirs.

Learn how I went from being a player, to the coach in life’s most dangerous game: The Pursuit of Perfection.



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5 Ways to be a Better Friend

Living in a day and age that promotes independence and being able to get through ‘anything and everything’ by yourself, it’s OK to realise that sometimes you need some external support. Whether it’s a shoulder to cry on or simply a sounding board to vent what’s on your mind, it’s important to remember that listening, rather than giving advice could be more powerful than you realise. The most important thing to remember is if your mouth is open, you’re not listening. Choose to be a friend, not a teacher.

3 simple steps to start your day smiling

One of my best friends has three kids, all under the age of six. She was talking about how she feels when she wakes up and how she feels when she goes to bed. I’m paraphrasing here, but essentially she said, ‘I don’t get enough sleep, and I never get enough done’. Let...

7 Secret Steps to Body Confidence

The Forever Approach is a 7-pillar system that recognises that your health, happiness and your body confidence is not just as simple as eating more kale and doing more squats. Our bodies and minds are so much more complicated than that. This approach isn’t an 8-week...

The most powerful feedback I’ve ever received.

“I booked into the body confidence retreat with no expectations at all… All I knew was that I had zero self-esteem and I needed a confidence boost. I know I’ve been through a lot but I thought I was ok- ish!!!

I’m only telling my story now so you understand where I’ve been and how far I’ve come and how much Dr K has really helped me… she’s a life saver xx

My back story –

*My marriage ended in 2005 .I had a 3 and a 5 year old at the time. (My Husband had met someone else… at least he did the decent thing and left me first without starting an affair)
*we had been through a lot together… I had previously had 12 miscarriages before I was diagnosed with a blood clotting disorder- and having 2 beautifully healthy boys xx
*On my first night out with some girlfriends (after my separation) I was sexually assaulted – over the course of 3 days…
*The guy was eventually charged but in the meantime I was introduced to “ICE” by a neighbour and soon became addicted
*My life spiralled out of control very quickly and I turned to prostitution
*I managed to get clean after about 18 months
*because of my life experience I decided to become a psychologist… which is still underway
*I also became dependent on alcohol

Since the retreat I’ve been sober. I’ve also realised that all of the self loathing is because of what I’ve been through and not
what I’ve done.

***DR K has literally changed my life… I’ve been exercising, dieting (I’ve lost over 2kg) – and liking myself again x
* She’s taught me how to enjoy life and how to be kind to myself.
*The forever approach has made me realise how cruel I am towards myself when I’d never EVER treat another person that way.
*I’ve learnt how to improve my fitness by incidental exercise (I’ve since got my Fitbit up and running to track my steps) and have been walking my furbaby twice a day…
*I’ve realised how much I’ve missed dancing(especially dancing like no one’s watching)
*I have also learnt how my lack of sleep is coming contributing to my weight gain

Above all I’ve met the best group of like minded women… we are going through similar journeys together and I know we will support each other x
I could never recommend Dr Kat’s “Forever Approach” enough. It’s completely life changing”

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