In last week’s article I spoke about why focusing on your outlook for 2024, rather than the outcomes you’re trying to achieve, is better for… well, your sanity. I suggested to choose a word (or phrase) that acts kind of like a ‘filter’ over your eyes, helping you approach situations from a more useful point of view. Today, I’ll share my phrase with you (it starts with G) in hopes of inspiring you to choose a word/phrase for your own outlook.

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Gut instincts or logical thinking when making a big decision?

How quick are you at making a big decision?

Are you a ‘decide on a dime’ kinda person?

Or do you think about the pros and cons for hours if not days, weighing up all options before you say yes (or no)?

“It depends” I hear you say, and yes, it does.

But here’s something that I noticed from my decision making patterns last year:

The outcome of my decisions were not made better or worse the more or less I thought about them.

I gotta tell you, that really pissed me off because I figured one way or the other would lead to better outcomes – and I’d just stick with that.

You know what actually affected the outcome of my choices?


Rhianna meme

Well la di friggin da 🙄 🙄 🙄 Yep indeedy, looking back at ALL of my big decisions for 2023 it was ALWAYS my gut that could predict the outcome. In fact, even the co-founder of Netflix says “We start with the data, but the final call is always gut.”

When I went against it – the outcome was never good.

Victory completing a New Year's Resolution

And when I did go with it… ⬇️

Victory completing a New Year's Resolution

So this year, my phrase is “go with my gut”… but… a caveat:

The thing to be mindful of is that our so called ‘gut’ can talk our way in (and out) of anything, so having a keen sense of self-awareness of what our BS so called “gut feelings” sound like is darn important.

Mine says things like…

  • (5 minutes into something)”My “gut” is saying this isn’t going to work out, let’s try something else/we need to pivot”.
  • “My “gut” says I should hire them” (even though they aren’t quite right for the position but time is of the essence).
  • “Just go with your gut” (very convincing but not suitable when shoe shopping).

So… unless I’ve eaten something spicy or just had a love affair with an all-you-can-eat buffet… I’m going to trust my gut for 2024 ✅

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