I know this is going to sound really, really weird but for several years my New Year’s resolution was to moisturise my legs and arms.

Because flakey skin just ain’t in.

So I would put moisturiser by my bedside, next to the shower, etc. But the problem was:

#1 I don’t like putting on moisturiser before bed because then it gets on the sheets.

#2 I don’t like putting it on after the shower because… well, I just don’t.

#3 I like oil-based creams – which is problematic because no one likes a soul-glow moment.

So the question remains – I LOVE the idea of setting intentions for the future ahead – but they never seem to work out.

So I asked myself – what’s a different way to approach using the New Year as a catalyst for personal and professional improvement?


Last year I did something different, and wow what a difference it made.

Want to know more? Read on my fellow inquisitive mind.

new year's resolutions

What’s the biggest problem with resolutions?

Because logically they make sense, right?

You want to achieve something, you create a plan of action, you put in effort and tada! You are a better person.

The problem is, we aren’t (always) logical.

We have these funny things called ’emotions’ which affect the way we see ourselves and how we approach our lives, relationships, health… and yes, New Year’s resolutions.

That’s why I think there is a better way to approach NY’s resolutions – focus your energy on figuring out what outlook you want for the year, not the single outcome you’re trying to achieve.

Because how you see the world is what is going to make (or break) the many barriers that will pop up on the pathway to achieving your dream outcome.

Rhianna meme

My 2023 Outlook

So how do you want to see the world in 2024?

By choosing a word that resonates with you and has deep meaning.

My word for 2023 was “WIN”.

Let me explain.

As a still recovering people pleaser, being ‘assertive’ is about as comfortable as a bikini wax on a sunburn. I’ve always hated the thought of it.

But then, this ‘winning’ story happened.

My partner and I were at an event where the name tags included a spot to write one’s ‘word of the year’.

Now I must explain, my partner is the polar opposite of a people pleaser. Heck, he probably wouldn’t even care if Mother Teresa hated him.

So there I was – watching all the attendees write down their chosen words:




all words that are really lovely and useful.

But my partner? Oh hell no.

He grabs a black marker and writes the word:


in giant capital letters.

Victory completing a New Year's Resolution

It was a moment that felt like a big smack in the face.

Because I was jusssssst about to choose a really comfortable word like ‘kindness’, which again, is a lovely word but it’s not a word that (at that point in my life) would help me grow both personally and professionally.

Because the deep hidden truth was, my outlook at that point wasn’t just ‘kindness,’ it was ‘kindness at all costs’.

Costs to MY life.

Costs to MY career.

Costs to my self-respect.

It was ‘if I win, someone else loses’.

That’s why the word ‘WIN’ represents something very different to me.

It’s about recognising the difference between wanting to be kind and needingto be kind to feel emotionally safe.

Picking your New Year’s Resolutions ‘word’

Think of a word that puts a ‘filter’ over your eyes helping you approach situations from a more useful point of view.

The word you choose shouldn’t feel ‘easy’. It also needs to be very personal and likely, the word will only make sense to you – like how the word WIN meant something very specific and personal to me.

If this resonates and you find it helpful, I would ADORE hearing from you about what word you chose and why.

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Until 2024, wishing you a fantastic end of the year! 

Dr K xoxo

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