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Speaking has been Dr Katherine’s passion for over 20 years. She is a top female motivational speaker giving educational, emotional and actionable experiences to audiences worldwide on the benefits of self-respect for high-acheiving people-pleasers.

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Creating peace in the mind of a high-achieving people pleaser:

Why the real problem isn’t repressing our ego, it’s building it.



High-achieving people pleasers (HAPP) struggle with two primary issues: (1) the constant worry of not being liked and (2) the fear of getting to ‘the end‘ having never achieved their unspoken, secret dreams. As a result, they live on the edge of burnout, exhausted and drained by the annoying voice in their head that forces them to always be ‘on’.

Despite the barriers we all know exist, the real problem of creating peaceful minds is thinking the answer is being more ‘confident’ or building ‘self-esteem’. While these factors are important, they ignore a HAPP’s core issue: their fear that displaying more confidence and self-esteem will make them come across as a self-centered, conceited and arrogant narcissist.

So how can a HAPP maintain a healthy inner drive to be successful and remain the kind person they’re known to be, but not sacrifice their dignity for their personal and professional destiny? In this keynote address I share my latest findings on the benefits of healthy self-respect for a HAPP, and why the real problem isn’t repressing our ego, it’s building it.

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This talk is specifically geared towards successful and highly accomplished leaders who:

– Value continuous self-improvement and learning ‘what makes them tick’ and

– Want to create a sense of peace and calm in their minds so they can achieve more, faster.

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The Self-Respect Revolution:

Revolutionising how high-achieving people-pleasers live, love and lead with self-respect.


On the outside, I was a high-achieving academic, CEO and summa cum laude graduate with multiple scholarship and awards yet my perceived public success masked my private struggles with severe depression and a debilitating eating disorder that lasted over two decades.

These experiences were the fuel to my latest research which provided a powerful realisation: at the core of my struggle for inner-peace was a profound lack of self-respect.

Through a powerful story-telling mix of humour and vulnerability, I share my mind’s battle with self-doubt, self-destruction and thoughts of suicide and reveal the actions I took during my journey of redemption.


Ability to see the bigger picture of success and achievement

Separating making a mistake from feeling like one

➤Letting go of wanting everyone to like you

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My talks are a captivating mix of humour, science and storytelling; striking the perfect balance between evidence-based advice and thought-provoking stories that deeply resonate with the human experience and create an empowering experience for event attendees.

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Keynote #2 of 3

Unmasking the Imposter Illusion

A high-achiever’s guide to living life imperfectly


Through the empowering lens of self-respect, this talk provides a roadmap for conquering the fear of exposure, unrelenting high-standards and paralysing perfectionism that high-achievers experience as the Imposter Phenomenon.

From going bankrupt at only 23yo for $250,000 to feeling like an imposter as the CEO of a dually-listed tech company, I share relatable and humour-filled stories that are a stark reminder that most of what you see in life (and social media) is just smoke and mirrors – nobody has life figured out perfectly.

But with self-respect, you realise that the only opinion that truly matters is the one you have of yourself.


➤Why perfectionism isn’t all bad

➤How to stay sane being a high-achiever

➤Criticism and the negativity bias

Keynote #3 of 3

What burnout really feels like:

F*&k, Fear & The Facade


This relatable and thought-provoking talk sheds light on the growing issue of burnout, but more importantly what it *really* feels like for leadership positions held by highly intelligent and resourceful women.

I share raw stories that depict the real emotional toll of running a race against yourself with no finish line, and why ‘rest and relaxation’ approaches can do more damage than good.

Drawing on my extensive research, I reveal why self-respect preserves well-being without compromising drive and determination, and why embracing a bit of healthy selfishness not only moulds better, more effective leaders but also happier and more productive mindsets.


➤What burnout *really* feels like

➤The missing ingredient to self-care

➤People pleasers & healthy selfishness

Katherine brings with her not only a wealth of knowledge and experience, but she shares it with her audience in an engaging, captivating manner through impressive storytelling and the perfect amount of humour. The feedback we received from attendees following the event was phenomenal.

Claire Seeber – Co-founder Future Female Leaders Program

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Let’s shake things up

The power of the spoken word

I love what I do because I wholeheartedly believe that a single spoken word can be the difference between a life that’s lived and a life worth living.

My keynotes are honest and thought-provoking. I’m here to shake things up when it comes to the connection between self-respect and self-leadership.

Let’s create an experience where we inspire your audience to lean in and question everything they’ve ever learned about how they lead themselves, their lives and others.

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I’m very proud the outstanding reviews I receive. I’ve delivered impactful keynotes on global stages including The Women in Technology annual conference, Future Female Leaders and International Women’s Day hosted by Ferrari. I am regularly invited to speak at The University of Western Australia’s graduate events including delivering the 2018 convocation speech.




Specialising in the unique connection between self-respect and self-leadership, my latest research and signature keynote – The Self-Respect Revolution™ – explores the pivotal role self-respect plays in shaping who we are, the decisions we make and the lives we choose to lead. 




For over 18 years, I have collaborated with leading organisations to craft leadership development experiences, including; Commonwealth Bank, Chevron, Michael Page, Griffin, Ferrari, Chevron, BHP Billiton, United Nations Association, Corporate Traveller and Medtronic.




My approach is backed by over 13 years of academic study including a Bachelor of Arts in Health Sciences (graduating Summa Cum Laude), a Master of Science in Exercise Physiology and Health Sciences (on a fully paid scholarship) and a Doctorate in Exercise Physiology and Biotechnology (on a fully paid scholarship). Furthermore, I completed a Postgraduate in Counselling.  




I have 20 years of experience in the health and wellness space includes the role of CEO of the technology company MyFiziq Ltd, of which I co-founded. As part of a dedicated team, I contributed to raising $8 million, securing underwriting to support the Initial Public Offering. As a result, MyFiziq went public in just eight weeks. 




It’s a privilege to be a media commentator. I have been featured in major publications, podcasts, TV shows and radio, including Vogue, Mamamia, The Sunday Times, The Australian, Studio 10, Good Morning Australia and Sunrise. 

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“Self-respect is the unwavering commitment to embracing and honouring our true selves.”

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