Need to awe your


You’re organising an event and need a speaker that can awe your audience. Problem is, now more than ever before, speakers must instantly engage their crowd and (let’s just be honest here) keep them awake for more than 5 minutes, a difficult task in the #swipeleft digital era.

This is where I can help your event.

I always aim to deliver audiences actionable, long-term advice in a passionate and engaging way (often with a few bad jokes thrown in). I’ll energise your audience by taking them on a roller-coaster of thoughts, emotions and feelings. I can guarantee when I’m finished with your audience, they’ll walk away with a new perspective to live a happier, healthier and more confident life.

Relatable & Approachable

The only way to help
change people’s lives is to
form a bond. Connection, therefore, is my first priority.

Customised for your audience

Need a specialised approach? I have you covered whether that's research-based or general population.

Science through storytelling

I use a combination of story-telling and science to educate and entertain the audience and motivate them to change.

Realistic tools for change

I know how hard it is to change, I went through it myself! That's why I only provide solutions that are realistic and practical.

A few of my experiences...

I can help you create an event that people thank you for.

Hiring a speaker is stressful! But let me put your mind at ease. Before any event, you and I will have an in-depth conversation so I can help you figure out exactly what your group is looking for. After that, you can leave the rest to me knowing I’ll deliver the goods (albeit with some bad jokes thrown in).

Learn how to quiet your inner bully so you can live fearlessly and get shit done!