Self-Respect Full-Day Retreat: Stop wasting time and put yourself out there.

Ready to push to the next phase of your life, business, career or [enter your dream here] and stop being controlled by that annoying, limiting voice in your head? This full day of confidence building and connection through self-respect is exactly for you.

  • Start/Finish: 9:30am – 4:30pm.
  • Cost: $295 inc.
  • What’s included: Your workbook, beautiful food and of course, chocolate.

Who is this experience for?

Are you feeling like life (overall) is good but something isn’t sitting right? As a result, you go through the motions until it’s the “perfect” time to do that thing that you know you need to do, but for some reason, you don’t do it?

This experience is for ANYONE who is at the point in their life where they are ready to challenge those annoying thoughts in their minds that are holding them back, and wasting precious time.

This is not a ‘women’s only’ experience – this is a human experience – for those who want to take their life to the next level and are excited to be challenged.

Perhaps you might be thinking:

“I don’t want to repeat last year – time is ticking”

“I’m wasting time worry about things that are ‘all in my head'”

“I know I’m meant for more”

“I’m sick of feeling exhausted and tired”

So if you’re ready to move to the next level of your business, career or life, this experience has been specifically designed for you.

Here’s what you’ll learn during the full day in-person experience

Whether it’s leaving your cushy job to finally go after your dream business or having that tough conversation that is keeping you stuck, you’ll get the tools you need to wake up with purpose, drive and excitement so you live the life you (secretly) dream of.


Show up: From wearing perfect masks to mastery of our true selves.

END RESULT: Increased self-awareness and decreased fear or judgment and failure.


Speak up: From bottling up our tension to finding our inner peace .

END RESULT: Increased trust and connection and decreased toxicity and mental burden.


Step up: From pleasing others to prioritising yourself.

END RESULT: Increased speed to achievement and decreased reliance on external validation.

What’s included

An unforgettable, intimate full day deep dive with like-minded people where you’ll feel comfortable to be yourself so you can work on issues that matter.

self-respect Workbook

A beautiful workbook with all the exercises, notes and reflection pieces – so you can just sit back and learn knowing that everything you need is right there for future reference.

You’ll enjoy delicious food, juices (and yes, chocolate too) to keep you energised – morning and afternoon break + lunch.

“Down-to-earth, genuine and passionate”

Kat is an expert in confidence, not because she is infallible but because she understands what vulnerability is and what it can do to hurt one’s sense of self-worth and pathway to happiness and success. Down-to-earth, genuine and passionate about seeing others grow and blossom, Kat is one of the rare people I know who has the gift of delighting and inspiring others with her energy and authenticity.

Sandy Chong, 45

Some testimonials

This experience is based on the same format of my very successful Wake Up Confident course.

I’d encourage you to listen to a few testimonials to see if their experience resonates with you.

Initially, I thought I was reasonably confident, but by the end of module one, I realised there were numerous blind spots where I was self-sabotaging the things I most desire... (read more)

I participated in the Wake Up Confidence course with Dr. Katherine, and it was truly amazing for me. Initially, I thought I was reasonably confident, but by the end of module one, I realised there were numerous blind spots where I was self-sabotaging the things I most desire.

One of those things is my business. I love working with my clients and helping them. However, there are also things I want to do for myself and my business to foster growth. Instead, I often prioritise my clients’ needs, which is great because my clients are happy. On the flip side, I neglect activities that could propel my business forward, something I keep putting off. The course helped me recognise this as an act of self-sabotage rooted in my fear of failure. It’s easier to stay safe and continue with business as usual than to step up, take risks, and potentially face failure. I learned that a true entrepreneur keeps trying, even after setbacks.

Another significant realisation was around negative self-talk, especially when receiving compliments. I tended to respond with “yeah, but…” or discount the compliment. I’ve been working on rewiring my brain through the modules with Dr. Katherine, resulting in many breakthroughs. It’s been an incredible journey, and the supportive group of women and one guy who came together is fantastic. No matter your goals, there’s a cheering squad ready to support you. I’ve gained so much from the course, and I’m incredibly grateful.

I hesitated to enrol in the course because I was concerned that despite learning incredible tools and methods, I wouldn't take the necessary steps to implement them and truly change my life... (read more)

Hello, I’m Olivia, and I’ve recently completed the Wake Up Confident course with Dr. Kat. Initially, I hesitated to enrol in the course because I was concerned that despite learning incredible tools and methods, I wouldn’t take the necessary steps to implement them and truly change my life.

However, the remarkable aspect of this course is that it provides you with the opportunity to work on yourself every single day. Each day allows you to delve into self-discovery, understanding your motivations, and identifying the barriers that hold you back.

Throughout the course, I realised that my initial perception of what I needed and my ultimate goal of confidence were completely different. Understanding the true obstacles and values that held me back was enlightening. You learn so much and undergo a significant transformation, with support available every step of the way.

Dr. Kat, an incredible human being, guides you, and you also have companions on the same journey, each with unique goals but all striving to become a better version of themselves. It’s about discovering your desires, understanding your needs, and pursuing them.

Personally, I achieved things I never thought possible, like overcoming self-consciousness about posting photos and even confidently requesting a raise during a work performance review. Confidence isn’t about constant success; it’s about adapting to failure, learning from it, and moving forward without self-destruction.

I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to transform their life and wake up confident.

I initially entered with a sense of fear and concern that people might perceive me as silly or judge me for my issues... (read more)

I recently completed Dr. Katherine’s Wake Up Confidence course, and it has truly been an incredible journey for me. I initially entered with a sense of fear and concern that people might perceive me as silly or judge me for my issues. However, that wasn’t the case.

The group I went through the course with was exceptionally supportive, and honestly, I’m a bit sad that it’s over. Dr. Katherine was excellent at providing support when needed and gently pushing me through challenging moments.

The techniques she shared are so simple, making me wonder why I allowed myself to be held back for so long. I’ve been able to overcome many fears and realise that there’s more to life. Now, armed with the techniques from the course, I can face situations without longing to be at home in my pyjamas watching Netflix.

I am incredibly grateful for finding this course. Even the way I view myself in the mirror has changed, and I’m kinder to myself than ever before. Body issues and self-loathing are no longer a struggle.

I’ve successfully shifted my mindset, evident in how I communicate with my children. I can even share these techniques with them, showing that life doesn’t always have to be hard—we can work through challenges together.

This experience has been transformative, and I’m thankful I took the step to join the course. It’s been so rewarding that I’m now considering starting my own business, something I wouldn’t have considered before. I’m truly thankful, and the rewards have been incredible.

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About Your Instructor

Dr Katherine Iscoe Keynote speaker with her dog Eddie

Hiya! I’m Dr Katherine Iscoe.

I’m a keynote speaker, author, board member, former CEO of a dual-listed public company, academic mentor and summa cum laude graduate with multiple scholarships and awards.

Despite these achievements and perceived public success, my mental health was teetering on collapse; I endured a debilitating eating disorder for over a decade, and persevered through severe depression and thoughts of suicide.

It is precisely these deeply personal experiences that fuels my area of expertise – self-respect – because at the core of my struggle for inner peace, it was a lack of self-respect that influenced my self-destructive tendencies.

And that is the core ethos of this full day experience – teaching you the EXACT same techniques I used to get unstuck and live a life that I’m truly proud of.

I can’t wait to spend time with you and help you wake up smiling and looking forward to your day ahead.

Dr Katherine xo

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