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Specialising in the influence of how self-respect improves our lives, deepens our relationships and helps female leaders excel in their professions, businesses and careers.

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Why talk about self-respect?


Unique perspective that disrupts the ‘predictable conversation’ around confidence, self-esteem and self-worth.


Be on the leading edge of a new concept for personal and professional development, especially female leaders.


The ability to set boundaries, prioritise self- care and remove dependency on external validation is heavily influenced by self- respect, not confidence or self-esteem.

A recent survey of 22,000 people spanning 21 countries found 60% of respondents wished they had more respect for themselves, highlighting the urgency of exploring this topic. Yet… when’s the last time you heard someone speaking about self-respect?

Part of the problem is that discussions focus only on self- worth, self-esteem and confidence. While these are critical ingredients to feel whole and of value, self-respect, based on my research, is the glue that keeps them all together.


In a world where disrespecting others because of our internal lack of it, now more than ever is the time to educate and inspire audiences with the untapped benefits of self-respect.


  1. (1) Self-Love Index, a survey of over 22,000 people across 21 countries conducted by The Body Shop in 2020.
  2. (2) Iscoe, K.E., (2023) A Paradigm Shift in Understanding Self-Respect: Exploring Contemporary Perspectives. Manuscript in Preparation.

Talking Topics


Exploring the power (healthy) self-respect plays in shaping how we see ourselves, interact with others and make important life decisions.

  • Selfcare
  • Boundaries
  • Fear of criticism
  • Self-acceptance


Sharing what high-achieving people *really* go through during burnout and why we should care.


  • Rage, fear and dismissal
  • People pleasing
  • Healthy selfishness
  • Time anxiety


Discussing the mind of a over- achieving perfectionist and why ‘imposter syndrome” isn’t what it sounds like.


  • Success paranoia
  • Competence vs confidence
  • Fear of judgement & failure
  • Healthy perfectionism

“Dr Katherine is one classy human.”

 She’s an academic with the doctorate to prove it, but its her real-world experiences of entrepreneurship, self-doubt and hard knocks that really add to the value she brings.
You’ll never leave a conversation without feeling listened to, you’ll learn a whole lot of facts and be instantly inspired. On top of all that, she loves dogs. What’s not to love?

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