My Comments in Sunday Life’s article: Forget the red sportscar stereotype. A midlife crisis can fuel positive change

I commented on this in Sunday Life’s latest article “Forget the red sportscar stereotype. A midlife crisis can fuel positive change” by reporter Evelyn Lewin.

3 reasons why you should read the full article:

  1. Navigating Life’s Turning Points: Ever wondered how a midlife crisis could actually be a game-changer? This article spills the beans on how hitting a rough patch can surprisingly lead to some major personal glow-up. It’s like turning lemons into personal growth lemonade!

  2. Real Talk about Midlife Hurdles: Forget the clichés; the article dives into the real challenges faced by a certain age group, especially the ladies in their 40s and 50s. From societal expectations to juggling careers, family, and relationships, it’s a candid look at the unique struggles of this life phase.

  3. Pro Tips for Crisis Mode: Need some guidance on handling a midlife meltdown? The article serves up some pro tips: take a breather for self-reflection, consider professional help, and don’t make impulsive moves in the heat of the moment. It’s like having a friendly chat with a wise friend who’s been there and done that.

Want the full experience? You can dive into Sunday Life’s full article here.

Based on my research, midlife can be a sliding door moment for your self-respect. That’s why I’d encourage you to take my free Self-Respect Quiz here and find out! (It’s awesome, I promise! Plus you get a really helpful guide afterwards to understand your results and steps to take to build your mindset).