Redefining how high-achieving people-pleasers live, love and lead through the empowering lens of self-respect..

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I’m a keynote speaker, researcher and media commentator who is passionate about sharing the benefits of self-respect in helping high-achieving people-pleasers feel a little less crazy.

My research confirms that while self-esteem and confidence are important, self-respect is the true foundation for personal and professional growth, especially for individuals who identify as high-achieving people-pleasers. That’s why I’m oh-so passionate about learning about, leveraging and sharing the benefits of self-respect through my:


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I am a dog-loving, murder-documentary obsessed nerd, who uses sewing as therapy and shoes as my healthy addiction. I see the world as a paradox, and I believe I’m here to unravel this mystery through the revolutionary power of self-respect.

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My keynotes are honest and thought-provoking. I’m here to share the liberating benefits of self-respect for high-achieving people-pleasers.


Self-Respect Revolution

From burnout and suppressed anger to fear of never being successful ‘enough’, my research shows self-respect revolutionises how a high-achieving people-pleaser lives, loves and leads.


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My insights are a combination of stories and stumbles of the past and present combined with some killer research – providing you a dose of laughter and lots of knowledge.

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