Rise with Respect:

Preparing Your Daughters for a Confident Future

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As a parent, you want to give your daughter(s) every opportunity to overcome whatever life throws at them – breakups, social media, peer pressure, graduation, choice of career – the list is endless – and tough!

The Rise with Respect program empowers them with the essential tools they must have to tackle the challenges they’ll face in their relationships, education, and future careers.

Don’t let your daughter miss out on the chance to build the confidence and resilience she needs to succeed and thrive in every aspect of her life. Express your interest now in the Rise with Respect program and ensure she’s prepared for a bright and secure future. Suitable for girls 15-17 years old.

1 in 4 girls

are clinically diagnosed with depression, disordered eating and/or cutting. While many more are not ‘officially diagnosed’, they report feeling constantly anxious, sleep deprived, and under significant pressure.


feel under pressure to please everyone.


are unhappy with their body.


of eating disorders are found in girls.


want to change the way they look.


feel immense pressure to look a certain way.

References: Girls Inc, The Supergirl Dilemma; National Report on Self Esteem; Dove campaign; National Association for Self Esteem; National Institute on Media and the Family.

“Down-to-earth, genuine and passionate”

Kat is an expert in confidence, not because she is infallible but because she understands what vulnerability is and what it can do to hurt one’s sense of self-worth and pathway to happiness and success. Down-to-earth, genuine and passionate about seeing others grow and blossom, Kat is one of the rare people I know who has the gift of delighting and inspiring others with her energy and authenticity.

Sandy Chong, President United Nations Association of WA

“All I can say is – WOW! “

We were fortunate enough to have Dr Katherine Iscoe present as the keynote speaker for our 2022 Future Female Leaders Program Gala event. All I can say is – WOW! Katherine brings with her not only a wealth of knowledge and experience, but she shares it all with her audience in an engaging, captivating manner through impressive storytelling and the perfect amount of humour. The feedback we received from attendees following the event was phenomenal”

Claire Seeber, Co-Founder Future Female Leaders Program

Do you have 3 minutes?

I’d love to understand what keeps you up at night when it comes to your daughter’s future. This questionnaire is 100% anonymous: it will not ask you for your name or email address.

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About Your Instructor

Dr Katherine Iscoe Keynote speaker with her dog Eddie

Hiya! I’m Dr Katherine Iscoe.

I’m a keynote speaker, author, board member, former CEO of a dual-listed public company, academic mentor and summa cum laude graduate with multiple scholarships and awards.

Despite these achievements and perceived public success, my mental health was teetering on collapse for over two decades – beginning at only 13 years of age.

By this time my obsession with being liked paralysed me. I became a chameleon not only to fit in with a ‘popular group’, but to become the person who got the most attention and love. Because no-one cares about second place, right?

My only sense of control was through draconian diets and militant exercise routines – my worth clinging on to every lost calorie. I endured a debilitating eating disorder for over a decade, and persevered through severe depression and thoughts of suicide.

It is precisely these deeply personal experiences that fuels my area of expertise – self-respect – because at the core of my struggle for inner peace, it was a lack of self-respect that influenced my self-destructive tendencies.

And that is the core ethos of why I created the Rise with Respect program –  a transformative experience to prepare young girls for a future filled with pride, purpose and passion.

Dr Katherine xo

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