Stop the Self-Sabotage in 1 Hour and Get the Self-Control of a Monk.

Learn how to achieve this incredible goal… even if you're scared to try.

In a world full of temptations, you need more than willpower and empty inspiration to stay in control.

This course teaches you the science behind the HOW TO get that control in only 1 hour.

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What my students have said:

"I can resist anything except temptation”

- Oscar Wilde

Chocolate and wine are only two simple pleasures of life - and in moderation, research has repeatedly shown they do more good than evil.

But what happens when a 'want' becomes a 'need' causing us to lose our ability to control our behaviours and our temptations become too much too often?

This 1 hour course will help you uncover the devious tricks your mind plays on you to get you to take 'just one bite, sip or puff', even when your logical mind knows that you'll end up feeling ashamed and a failure!

  • You know you shouldn't but you still take that first bite, sip or puff and end up feeling like a failure.
  • You look at yourself in the mirror and think: how did I lose all my self-control and let myself get like this?
  • You go to the fridge, grab yourself something to ease the feeling of disappointment and failure... and mumble 'I'll get started tomorrow'.
  • But today is that tomorrow - and you're still not any further ahead.
  • It's embarrassing. You're constantly making up excuses for your failed attempts at quitting.
  • The worst thing of all is, you know what you need to do, but you just can't seem to get it done.



  • I regularly experience strong guilt, regret or self-hate after I indulge.
  • I have a habit of being really strict for a short time, only to lose all self-control.
  • Sometimes I worry that I won't be able to stop myself.
  • I feel like I'm a swinging pendulum - some days I feel great, other days I'm so ashamed of myself.

In only 1 hour, this evidence-based course will teach how to stop acting on the mental and physical urges that coax us into self-sabotage behaviours, so you can stop making excuses and start to maximise your health and productivity like a bad ass.

Stop wasting time searching for a better solution.
In only 1 hour you'll understand how to talk back to your 'Urge Voice' and end self-sabotage for good.

(Got a coupon? Easy! Enter the code on the check-out page)

life changing

No waiting period.

Get started and learn how to manage:





and more!

In only 1 hour, we're going to tackle 3 important ingredients to CRUSH self-sabotage behaviours:

part 1

Fact is, you can't change what you don't understand! Using my easy check-list, we'll zero in on the behaviour you want to improve. Maybe you can't stop at 'just one bite'? or perhaps it's impossible to relax without a glass of vino? Regardless of your self-sabotage behaviour, this tool will CRUSH it for good.

part 2

Backed by science and used in drug and alcohol rehab, this tool is simple but oh-so life-changing. Best of all, once you learn it, you can use it in EVERY single corner of your life to get the control of a monk.

part 3

Imagine if you were verbally taught how to dance, but never used your skills? That would be damn pointless right? Not with this course; you'll put the tools you'll learn into action RIGHT AWAY so you can feel like a superhero and CRUSH self-sabotage behaviours like a bad ass.


Only available until July 30th, your enrolment also includes 45 minutes of bonus training to discover the EXACT recipe to build true confidence and live your BEST life.

Here’s what people are saying about me.

In the past several years, I helped hundreds of women grow kick-ass confidence. As a result they've enjoyed their weddings, quit their jobs, got pay rises, left loveless relationships, started new businesses ... the list is endless.

Shan Rosman

"I was so kind to myself"

The changes I underwent with Dr Katherine were like nothing else I’ve ever been through. For the first time in a long time I was so kind to myself, and began to have days where I only had love for and pride in myself. The pressure was finally off and I could achieve every goal I had for myself including losing some weight, improving my fitness and doing things just for fun, but most importantly my mind was so clear and my soul was so healthy! My view on life was completely different.

Kiara Matkovich

"Thank you for changing my life"

I went to see Dr Kat about 3 months before my wedding in my own private hell because I had decided that if I wasn’t going to be ‘skinny’ for my wedding then the whole day would be a disaster. As soon as I met Dr Kat I instantly had a total girl crush. The woman is gorgeous and has such an amazingly magnetic and positive energy. Thank you for changing my life and my attitude towards food and exercise Dr Kat. I am forever grateful.

Emma Winterbourn

"I keep gaining momentum"

I could not be more grateful for the life long changes to both my mind and body that all started with Dr Katherine, and for once I keep gaining momentum not falling in a heap and eating chocolate blocks. Not every moment of every day is like an Instagram pic, but it’s real, sustainable and good for you, and I am healthier and feel happier and better than ever.

About The Program Teacher,

Dr Katherine Iscoe.

"I know the demons you’re facing. I’ve looked them in the eye, and now, I want to help you beat them too" Dr K.

Hello there! I’m Dr Katherine Iscoe, and here’s the section where I tell you all about the neat stuff I’ve done (wink wink).

Truth is, my successes are the result of a darn lot of hard work overcoming a debilitating lack of confidence, but you’ll hear more about that in time.

Today, I am co-founder and director of a global Health Technology company called MyFiziq Limited (ASX:MYQ), and director of my personal Dr Katherine brand.

I’m a geek from waaaay back, and have all the credentials you’d expect to help you on this journey. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Health Sciences (summa cum laude… which means crazy high marks), a Master of Science in Exercise Physiology and Health Sciences, a Doctorate in Exercise Physiology and Biotechnology and (yep… one more) a Post-Graduate Certificate in Counselling. I truly enjoy being a supergeek, and am a proud recipient of multiple awards, scholarships and bursaries along the way in my pursuit of academic excellence.

For the past several years, I’ve lived and breathed mentoring in self-esteem and confidence and often appear in the media to discuss these topics, including Studio 10, Channel 9 and the ABC (plus a few cheeky features in Cosmopolitan, Mama Mia and Take 5).

I’m told time and again that the reason people relate to me, and the reason they make such big changes in their lives, is because I’ve walked the walk. My life long experiences with low self-esteem and body image issues caused me not only decades of unhappiness but severe depression to the point of attempting suicide, and I have one helluva hangover from that time in my life … including permanent health problems and severe digestive disorders.

It’s my personal knowledge of how dark, dangerous and insidious this problem can be that drives me to develop and teach effective, evidence-based solutions to change people’s lives.

I know the demons you’re facing. I’ve looked them in the eye, and now, I want to help you beat them too.

Why this 1 HOUR program is so valuable

But... what do YOU know about self-sabotage behaviours?

While I'm still working on my shoe addiction, binge eating is a distant memory for me, even though I battled it for almost 20 years.

If you think I don't understand how bad it can get, know this: When I was 28 years old, after a full day of bingeing, where my stomach was in so much pain I could hardly walk, I planned to drive into a telephone pole to end it all. I figured, even if I wasn't successful, at least I would be in the hospital and they would stop me from eating.

So yes, I know how it feels to wake up in the morning and want nothing more than to have a 'good day' where food doesn't ruin your life.

That's why I created this short but effective course to get you back in control of your self-sabotage behaviours... and your life. It's never too late to change. Yes, YOU CAN CHANGE!



(Got a coupon? Easy! Enter the code on the check-out page)

Here's what others have
said about my work.

Rebecca Johnson

CEO, Type 1 Diabetes Family Centre

"A true change-maker"

Dr Katherine is a true change-maker: a compelling storyteller with a vision for a more confident, connected community. She strikes the perfect balance between meticulously researched, evidence-based advice and unicorn farts, delivering her important message with intelligence, compassion and humour. We all need a dose of Katherine in our lives.

Lauren Calvin

Co-Director, Women's Fitness Academy

"Hopeful for the future"

We were so blessed to have Dr Kat at our event! She is a breath of fresh air, she gave us all that “Ah huh” moment and made us feel like we were not alone. Her stories and analogies are like a romantic comedy, one minute you’re laughing, the next you’re crying, and you’re left feeling so positive and hopeful for the future! The vibe she brings is magic, you can’t top having Dr Kat as your guest speaker.

Josh van Kampen

Alumni Relations Officer, University of WA

"Authenticity resonates with every audience"

Dr Katherine has been a speaker at UWA for the last 3 years. Katherine’s authenticity resonates with every audience, giving insight into her academic journey, business success (and failures), giving the perfect amount of instruction and engagement of the audience. I would recommend her to any group!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take me to complete the program content?

Can this replace my sessions with my therapist?

I suffer from severe depression, anxiety or an eating disorder. Is this right for me?

What happens after I'm done the self-sabotage program?

Refund policy

I get it.
You've done these "self-help" online courses before and they've wasted your time and money with little to no results. I got you covered.
Wondering about the small print?
See my T&Cs for the full details, but in short, it's simple: if you do all the program work and still don't feel you received an effective way to stop self-sabotage, simply email me within 7 days of your initial enrolment date to request a refund.

A personal note from me to you.

I know you're scared, but I also know the demons you’re facing. Stop looking for solutions when you've just found one. Enrol now and we'll beat your demons together.

This could be your new beginning.