Sam Wood’s sensitive ways: his story of fatherhood, grief and life in the spotlight

Episode 9: Secrets in the City with Dr Katherine

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If you’ve ever wondered what TV stars are like in real life, you’ll want to listen in to my next episode of the Secrets in the City podcast!

My next guest is most often referred to as a former Bachelor, but after listening to this podcast, you’ll get to know someone who is first and foremost, a loving dad and husband.

I first met Sam Wood back in around 2018, and I can still remember the energy he brought into the room. Towering high above me at 6 foot 2, his bright smile and huge hug made me feel immediately at ease.

You’ll hear about Sam’s journey of fatherhood, as both a biological dad and bonus-dad, his deep care for people around him, and the love that still burns for his late mother.

Folks, grab a shiraz and a box of tissues, and get ready to feel every single cell of your heart. Thank you Sam for being so vulnerable in sharing your story with us.

To find out more about Sam and join Australia’s #1 fitness program, head over to his website at .

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