Body Confidence

Body Confidence


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A Girl’s Guide to Body Confidence is a 266-page self-help book that relies on education, not just inspiration, to improve low self-esteem and body confidence in women.

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I use my personal struggle with body confidence and humorous tone to ease readers through the confrontational process of transforming their negative thoughts. This science-backed process is informed by my extensive research, my years helping over 1,200 women through my acclaimed 7-Pillar Forever Approach, as well as my academic qualifications in health sciences, exercise physiology and biotechnology, and counselling.

Part One serves as an introduction to the key methodologies used throughout the book, such as The Forever Approach, and focuses on setting up baseline measurements through surveys and exercises. These interactive surveys consist of industry-recognized tools and my own evaluative methods and are used to gauge readers’ initial self-confidence. Part One will also invites you to identify with my experiences.

Delving into philosophical, physiological, and psychological studies, Part Two delivers scientific analysis presented in a fun, digestible format. Part Two begins with a dive into how our perspectives of self are formed and negative thoughts are triggered. I then delve into the research behind our emotional reactions.

Part Three culminates in the five key underpinnings of The Forever Approach: identity, experiences, knowledge, kindness, and time/expectations. Each element is presented as a lesson with actionable tools and—together—form the formula to maintaining a positive, holistic and long-term perspective of self. Finally, the initial surveys are mirrored in Part Three so you can measure your ongoing progress.


Author Endorsements

“Dr Kat has used her own experiences together with her academic qualifications in health sciences, exercise physiology and biotechnology, and counselling to create a resource that is so desperately needed for women and men today.
In a world that is saturated with negative and often harmful messaging, Dr Kat is a breath of fresh air as she helps ease people through the complex process of transforming their negative relationship with their body into one that is wholesome and respectful.”

Jessica Smith
Young Australian of the Year Finalist, Cosmo Woman of the Year, Paralympian, Speaker, and Author.

“Dr Kat is one of my biggest fans and I love working with her. I went to her with a super negative mindset, lost and anxious. She has played a huge part in helping me shift my mindset so I can live my best life and achieve my career goals. I am back, believing and achieving.
Body Confidence provides an action-focused, at-a-glance resource that I can now refer back to any time I need—kind of like having her in my pocket! I highly recommend Dr Kat and this amazing new book!”

Heidi Anderson
Breakfast Host on hit92.9 FM, Body Positivity Advocate, PerthNow Writer and Columnist, and Creator and Founder of

“Reading Body Confidence fills me with hope that those desperate for a positive relationship with their body now have a truly scientifically backed and compelling resource to do just that. I love everything about this powerful and healing book: it’s honest and raw, funny and uplifting but, most importantly, it’s filled with actionable advice that will transform lives across the world.
Dr Kat’s voice is medicine for anyone wanting to have a better relationship with their body, and she shows us how by gradually building the reader through stages of knowledge with easy-to-understand examples and written exercises. If you’re looking for a motivational book—this isn’t it! Dr Kat does everything but skim the surface, so be prepared for a deep dive and get ready to train your brain for a life filled with real, long-lasting change and a new perspective.”

Taryn Brumfitt
Founder of the Body Image Movement, Internationally Recognised Positive Body Image Activist, Director of Embrace, and Best-Selling Author.

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