Grow your confidence in private

It can be really uncomfortable asking for help, I get it!

It took me years to build my confidence to join a group workshop and go to a private counsellor. That’s why I’ve created my online courses – you can learn in private, and when it’s best for you.


Binge to Balance eCourse (2-3h)

If you struggle with emotional eating, stress eating or binge eating, or repeatedly manage to lose weight only to have it all come back, know this: it’s not your lack of willpower that is letting you down. You just need to change the way you talk back to messages coming from your brain.

Body Confidence eCourse (20h)

This eCourse will teach you how to boost your confidence, so you can wake up happy, energised and excited to start your day. (Can I get a yeehaa!)

What do you have to lose?



Your lack of confidence, that’s what! I’m confident (pun intended) my book can improve how you feel about yourself and your life.