I can’t seem to let go of my ex

Episode 2: Secrets in the City with Dr Katherine

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In this podcast, my best friend Nadine and I unpack the anonymous secret: I can’t seem to let go of my ex. We reflect on how we’re shaped or influenced by our past relationships, and we ask pretty deep questions that lead us to unpack some bombshell raw truths. Nadine reveals her secret of being consumed by a past relationship to the point where her self-identity and values changed.

I don’t know about you – but this is a topic that really hits home for me in so many ways. And not only how past romantic relationships can continue to impact your life, but also how past and even present relationships in your career can impact your working life. Because if you think about it, after our loving relationships – the people we spend the most time with are the people we work with.

So to my beautiful listeners, if you’ve ever been in a relationship that continues to haunt you – I implore you to listen to this episode, not only to hear more about Nadine’s story, but more importantly, so you can learn how to be grateful for failed relationships, enabling you move past them, freeing you to live in and enjoy the present.

Listen to this episode if you:

– have ever been consumed by a past relationship
– want to learn how to become grateful for failed relationships
– need a good laugh

Originally published January 2021.

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