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Participant Search for a Short Documentary on Body Image

  • Perth, western australia australia (map)


I’m Dr Kat (in case you didn’t know me already)!

I spent years unsuccessfully searching for happiness by trying to change my appearance. I’ve now made it my life’s mission to teach others that your health, happiness and confidence may be related to your appearance, but shouldn’t be dependent on it.


I want to create a short documentary that will show what I see in my practice, namely, that body confidence is less dependent on how you look, and more dependent on how you FEEL about your looks. If you watched the video above (that’s Kelli! she’s a gem!) it will give you a taste of what I’m looking to achieve!

Bottom line: you can’t fix negative body image with a diet.


  • 3 female, Perth-based participants who are struggling with body confidence/body image issues

  • willing to be both video documented and also self-document (using your mobile phone)

  • be available to be filmed intermittently over a 3-4 month period (October - January) 

  • you will work directly with me, and also use my 20h online course


  • You must be at least 18 years of age

  • You must be comfortable to be open, raw and honest while on camera

  • Be ready to dig deep and put in the effort to catalyse change (i.e. this won’t be a passive experience! It’s going to be hard!) 

Bonus consideration

  • Enjoy fart jokes (because they’ll be lots of them)


Please fill out the full application form below 👇🏻 or click here if it doesn’t come up (NB: both may take a while to load).

Deadline: Sunday September 30th at 10pm AWST

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Thank you! Dr Kat xx

*Please note that if you suffer from severe body image and/or eating disorders, it is highly recommended that you seek the help of a specialist. Please see the APS website for more information.