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 A safe space to get a check-up from the head up whenever you need it most.

So many people lack confidence, but most don’t know why or what they can do to change it. That’s where I can help!

Put simply, we lack confidence because we believe the negative thoughts that are rushing around in our heads and accept them as truth. Meaning: no matter how rich, good looking, smart and amazing we are, we won’t be confident until we start controlling our thoughts, rather than let those thoughts control us.

I created The Confidence Club as a safe platform where you can learn in a judgment-free space, and feel safe when sharing or commenting. It’s kind of like getting a check-up from the head up whenever you need it most!

The group highlights include:

Tutorial Tuesdays*

Tuesdays are all about learning! At 12pm AWST I teach a live Confidence Class where you’ll learn tools to train your brain and build your confidence. Past subjects include:

  • Managing perfectionism
  • Bouncing back from a binge
  • Overcoming fear and anxiety
  • The power of words (and self-talk)
  • How to fit in (when you feel you don’t)
  • Managing expectations from yourself and others
  • How to eat ‘no foods’ with less guilt and fear
  • How to use your mobile phone for mindful eating
  • The truth about your body and calories
  • 5 ways to reverse negative body image
Q&A Thursdays*

Thursdays are all about YOU! You submit your anonymous questions using a secure online form. I then jump online at 12pm AWST to help you solve those frustrating life problems that are preventing your growth! Past question topics include:

  • How to date with confidence
  • Managing recovery from a mental health issues
  • How to be friends with an ex
  • How to love yourself after sexual abuse
  • How to deal with the shame of overeating
  • Advice on starting a new business

There are no boundaries to the questions! And the best part is, no one will ever know that you asked it!

*All videos are recorded so don’t worry if you can’t be with me live!

Secret Share

During my talks and workshops, I often do an exercise in which everyone writes down a secret, or even just something that they feel bad or guilty about on a little piece of paper. They don’t write their name—it’s anonymous. It isn’t for giving advice and it certainly isn’t for judgment. It’s just for the feeling of freedom, to let it out. Twice a week, I share a slightly modified secret (to protect the author’s identity as the secrets are handwritten).

I’ve collected hundreds of secrets over the past two years, here are some examples:

  • I keep to myself because I’m scared of being a failure and having people judge or laugh at me. I’m lonely.
  • I feel guilty for having an abortion. I don’t know if I could now ever have kids.
  • I lied to my boyfriend about having Botox.
  • Even if I get the body I want, I’m scared I still won’t be happy.
  • I’ve never felt comfortable naked in front of my partner because of the way I look.
  • I’m scared my husband doesn’t love me because of how my body looks, even though he tells me he loves me daily. I need more self-love and confidence.
  • I wonder if I’ll be single forever because of how I look. I’m overweight.
  • I binge eat both at home and at work when no one is around.
  • I wish I could have a better relationship with my family.
  • I started using drugs after a horrible sexual assault. I almost lost my kids. I now struggle with alcoholism which has contributed to my weight gain.
  • I always take the photo because I can’t stand to look at myself.
  • Sometimes I wonder who would come to my funeral if I died.

The reason why I share these anonymous secrets is not to ‘expose’ a person or even to give advice, but rather to help everyone understand that they’re not alone.

So what are you waiting for? Join others who have realised that life is too short to hate yourself and be a part of the free Confidence Club and change your life… forever.

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