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Relationship Rut to Romance


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3 hours

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October 12th

Do you struggle to communicate your issues to your partner?

Do you say ‘mostly agree’ to the following 5 questions?

  • I don’t think my partner wouldn’t be able to understand what I’m going through.
  • I find it hard to explain my feelings towards my body or appearance with my partner.
  • I often feel like I’m not good enough for my partner.
  • I often hide what I eat from my partner.
  • I worry that my partner would no longer love me if he knew everything about me.

If you answered ‘mostly agree’ to 2 or more of these questions, know that what you experience is common. Having awkward conversations can feel exactly that: awkward! Furthermore, emotional eating, low body image and low self-esteem can complicate even the most loving relationships.

Why attend the Relationship Rut to Romance Workshop?

Do these situations sound familiar?

  • You only like to shower or get dressed in private.
  • You’re getting dressed but nothing feels right.
  • You try to ‘eat well’ but your partner still orders dessert for the both of you.
  • You’re getting hot and heavy and he touches your ‘fat rolls’.
  • Your partner wants to spend the day at the beach but you’d rather do your tax return than being half-naked in public.

One of the main concerns of my clients is their perceived lack of support from their partner. Essentially, they feel they have to keep their ‘issues’ a secret to protect the bond. They feel that their partner wouldn’t love them if they knew the ‘real you’. Can you relate?

Maybe you struggle with binge eating but don’t know how to explain it to them? Or maybe you’re triggered when they say “I’ll love you at any size” when you don’t even love yourself in the first place? Maybe your concerns about your appearance are getting in the way of your relationship?

While the ability to love needs to start with the capacity to feel love for yourself, we often dismiss our partners from being a critical ingredient to breaking through our negative behaviours and self-destructive choices.

This couple-focused workshop will explore the various self-esteem barriers that are preventing your relationship from flourishing.

Here’s what your partner (and you) will achieve in this workshop
  • Learn about the reasons behind our low body image, emotional eating and why we ‘compare’ ourselves to others.
  • How to recognise our ‘tell’ signs (becoming quiet, hiding wrappers, cancelling last minute on social events)
  • The difference between helpful and unhelpful comments (“but you look fine”)
  • Understanding why what they see isn’t what we see
  • Why expecting setbacks is a good thing and what to do about them when they happen
  • Understand your types of triggers including certain foods and situations (i.e. getting in a fight)
  • Understand why emotional eating is not just a lack of self-control or simply self-indulgence.
  • How to help when we’re spiralling out of control.

*Please note that this relationship is specifically developed for couples, meaning – you need to come together to get the most out of it. In addition, this workshop is for those who feel capable to either start or continue recovery on their own. It is not intended to replace the services of a trained health professional or be a substitute for medical advice, nor is it meant to replace a dedicated relationship counsellor. Binge eating (and purging) can have serious health consequences, therefore if you are experiencing mental or physical health issues, or if you have suicidal thoughts, please get professional help immediately. For more information, see our full Terms & Conditions before attending.

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