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Flat to Fabulous


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3 hours

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May 18th

Do you feel flat, but don’t know what’s wrong?

If today were the last day of your life, would you still do what you’re about to do? Would you still live the life you’re living? Would you look forward to waking up and tackling your day? Or would you rather hit the snooze button and avoid it because “what’s the point” is the thought that repeats over and over?

Feeling flat—whether it’s in your relationships, career or any other aspect of your life—affects your ability to make transformative changes in your health, your happiness and your levels of confidence. Essentially, it’s being stuck in mud – your energy levels are drained and your perception of life events is clouded for the worse, leaving you with no motivation to break the cycle of unhealthy and self-destructive choices. What makes it all the more frustrating is that deep down, you know that life should be about more than just satisfying our everyday needs and wants.

If you’re feeling flat but not sure where to start, there is hope. As the great psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl wrote “You can survive any what if you have a why”. In this workshop, we’ll dive deep into your life not only to find your why, but create an action plan so you can implement the how.

Not sure if it’s for you? Do you answer ‘mostly disagree’ to these questions?

  1. I am satisfied with my overall health and appearance of my body.
  2. I am satisfied with the quality of my relationships.
  3. Each day I am working towards my long-term goals.
  4. I feel like I’m able to give back and help better the lives of others.
  5. Overall, I feel like I’m getting the most out of my life.

If you answered ‘mostly disagree’ to 2 or more of these questions, there are areas of your life that could benefit from a little sparkle!

Here’s what you’ll achieve in this workshop:
  • Understand what are the ingredients in your mud that are keeping you feeling flat. A relationship? Your work? Your past? And how to break free.
  • Learn how to identify your fears and discover who you really are. Scared of what people will think of you? Worried you might fail?
  • Understand the difference between psychological and physical fears (and why we confuse the 2).
  • Understand why your past values might be guiding you in the wrong direction. Are you living your own life or following what someone else wanted for you?
  • Develop a process to align your new values with what you really want to achieve.
  • Learn how to grow even though others want you to stay small.
  • Figure out what areas of your life need your immediate attention.
  • Learn how to predict and solve future challenges (because there will still be challenges!)
  • Understand where you really are in your life (not where you think you are).
  • Learn how to tune into times of uncertainty but not misguided by them.

Saturday, May 18th, at Barbagallo Ferari (Perth-based)

Barbagallo Motors
362 Scarborough Beach Rd, Osborne Park, WA

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