Cracking the Confidence Code


Session Format


Time Frame

9 hours

Upcoming Dates

November 2nd

Escape for a full day and learn how to shine from within.

If you had the confidence, what would you do differently with your life?

Can you imagine the possibilities of waking up and actually looking forward to your day filled with…

  • confidence, energy and purpose?
  • saying ‘yes’ more often to things that previously scared you, and ‘no’ to things that drain you?
  • nutritious foods that energize you, rather than foods that numb your stress and emotions?
  • relationships bring you joy rather than frustration and anger?
  • feeling true human connection, rather than only a connection to wifi?

Do you think this kind of life will always be out of your reach? Or maybe, you think you don’t deserve to live a happy and confident life?

Know this: It’s never too late to solve the story of your life, you just need to know how.


Confidence is like a really confusing puzzle, with each piece coming from an almost endless number of areas.

For example, has something happened that has affected your levels of confidence? A break-up? An unfulfilling career? A bad decision that you regret? Or has someone affected your levels of self-worth? And have you tried to unconsciously ‘fix’ these things by trying to lose weight or changing your appearance?

To effectively build confidence, we need to stop hyperfocusing on our past ‘faults’, mistakes or misdemeanors, and start living in the present by highlighting our many forgotten strengths.

Essentially, we need to get rid of our old way of thinking, and create a new vision of ourselves for the future.

In this full day workshop, I use a unique combination of storytelling and science to help my students discover their own DNA-specific approach for improved confidence, happiness and life fulfilment. Essentially, I give you the tools you need to put your puzzle pieces back together again.

I always aim to go above and beyond the typical strategies and mentoring techniques to create a comfortable, supportive environment so you won’t just discover who you are, but more importantly, you’ll decide who you want to become.

Let’s fix your puzzle together.

Your take-a-ways
  • Gain a crystal clear understanding of why you think, feel and behave the way you do, and create your own personal breakthrough for unshakable confidence.
  • Challenge your limiting beliefs (lies!) and behaviours and create a daily routine for positive action.
  • Gain a proud sense of authentic confidence (without being conceited)
  • How to feel the fear and do it anyways.
  • Lifting your set of standards and values back to the level that you deserve.
  • Be able to make decisions with more confidence and less doubt
  • Highlight your strengths and understand your weaknesses
  • Become a leader, not a follower.
  • How to be a confident and clear communicator without being condescending or rude.
  • How to bounce back from a tough situation or disappointment.

I hope you can join me for this truly life-changing experience.


Please note all times are approximate (i.e. if a breakthrough is in process, we don’t stop!)

8:30am – doors open
9:00am – Meet ‘n’ greet
9:30am – Class in session
10:30am – Snack & stretch break
10:45am – Class in session
12:30pm – lunch
1:00pm – Optional: naptime or walk ‘n’ talk in the sunshine
1:30pm – Class in session
3:00pm – Movin’ & Shakin’ (followed by snack & stretch break)
4:30pm – Fart circle & commitment ceremony
6:00pm – Goodbye hugs


What should I wear?

This isn’t an event where you’ll be sitting all day. Dress casual and comfortable; something that allows you to move freely. Wear comfy shoes, especially if you’re coming on the walk ‘n’ talk. I’d also suggest to bring layers as the room will be air conditioned.

What should I bring?

If you’d like to lay down and have a little nap after lunch, feel free to bring a yoga mat, pillow and blanket to keep you comfortable.

Should I bring food?

We will be providing your food, but you are welcome to bring small snacks and a water bottle.

Are there assigned seats?

Gold ticket seating is pre-assigned at the tables in the front of the room. All other ticket holders are free to seat wherever they feel most comfortable. Note: it is HIGHLY recommended you do not seat with someone you know.

Can I come alone?

You may be surprised to hear this, but I highly recommend that you DO come alone! Of course, this is not to say you’ll have a lesser experience if you do come with a friend or family member! But being by yourself provides a truly liberating experience to really expose who you are and who you want to be, without worrying what your friend or family member might think.

I suffer from a mental health illness, is this event right for me?

This workshop is for those who feel capable to progress their self-development on their own. It is not intended to replace the services of a trained health professional or be a substitute for medical advice. Both physical and mental health disorders can have serious health consequences, therefore if you are experiencing mental or physical health issues, or if you have suicidal thoughts, please get professional help immediately. For more information, see our full Terms & Conditions before attending.

What if I can no longer attend the event?

Please note that all tickets are non-refundable. By registering for this event, you are making a commitment to change, and a commitment does not include a plan B! However, if you are no longer able to attend, you are welcome to give your ticket to a very lucky friend.

The next full day workshop is scheduled for November 2nd. Location TBD (Perth-based).

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