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Bingeing to Balance


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3 hours

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March 30th

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Do you struggle with emotional eating? How do you measure up?

Do you say ‘mostly true’ to the following 5 questions?

  1. At times, I tend to eat quickly and then feel uncomfortably full afterwards.
  2. I regularly experience strong guilt, regret or self-hate when I overeat.
  3. I have a regular habit of starting strict diets for myself, but I break the diets by going on an eating binge. My life seems to be either a feast or famine.
  4. Sometimes I don’t think I can control my urges to eat and worry that I won’t be able to stop myself.
  5. I often eat only small portions of food when others are present because I’m very embarrassed about my eating.

If you answered ‘mostly true’ to 2 or more of these questions, know this: you can change!

Why attend the Bingeing to Balance workshop?

Each of my clients and students has a different story to how their problems started, but what’s common is that emotional eating, overeating or binge eating is part of their lives. Can you relate?

Perhaps emotional eating has become a part of your daily habits; your body and brain simply predict and expect binges will happen, and you don’t know how to stop it. Maybe uncontrolled eating is causing the rest of your life to be out of control. You might feel like you’re living a secret life: on the outside, you have it all together, but behind closed doors, you secretly spiral out of control. You can’t concentrate at work and it creates discomfort in your relationship because of the immense amounts of shame you feel.

If you struggle with emotional eating, stress eating or binge eating, or repeatedly manage to lose weight only to have it all come back, know this: it’s not your lack of willpower that is letting you down, but rather you’re approaching things with the wrong mindset.

Here’s what you’ll achieve in this workshop*
  • Understand why bingeing is like a destructive relationship that you can’t give up (sometimes bad things feel good!)
  • The 4 stages of a binge (know your enemy!)
  • Understand your triggers (they won’t be what you think)
  • Why you get urges to binge (and what you can do when it happens)
  • Manage stress without turning to food (it’s not easy but it is possible)
  • Learn how your bacteria may prompt a binge (“it’s not me, it’s my bacteria!”)
  • Know the difference between physical hunger and emotional appetite (and get better bite by bite)
  • How to bounce back from a binge (because failing to plan is planning to fail)
  • Learn what your body is telling you about your binge (it’s a secret language)
  • Understand why bingeing is like a drug habit (and why it’s so hard to quit)

*This workshop is for those who feel capable to either start or continue recovery on their own. It is not intended to replace the services of a trained health professional or be a substitute for medical advice. Binge eating (and purging) can have serious health consequences, therefore if you are experiencing mental or physical health issues, or if you have suicidal thoughts, please get professional help immediately. For more information, see our full Terms & Conditions before attending.

Saturday, March 30th at the UWA Watersports Complex, Crawley, WA

If you are interested in an online workshop (webinar), please send me an email.

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