Devil in the Dopamine: Lyndi Cohen shares how to prime your environment to live a more purposeful life.

Episode 7: Secrets in the City with Dr Katherine

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This podcast is juicy, honest and full of inspirational tools on how to treat ourselves with kindness and care. So if you’re feeling burnout, low on energy and are treating your body like a garbage bin rather than a place of respect, you’re in the right place.

In this episode, I interview a dear friend who was over from Sydney, Australia on holidays, and was ever-so kind enough to stop by my office to record this episode. Today you’ll be listening to the wise, the wonderful, the Nude Nutritionist, Lyndi Cohen!

Her story is one I wholeheartedly relate to – which is why I think this discussion is so passionate, authentic and real.

We talk about our shared experiences living through decades of disordered eating and hatred of our appearance, how to slow down the devil in the dopamine – a chemical known to prompt unhealthy urges – so you can ultimately create a happy mind and a happy body.

I would implore you to follow Lyndi on every digital platform available. Best way to find her is via her website at – where you’ll also find access to her new book, Your Weight is Not the Problem.

Happy listening.!

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