Learn how to cook with confidence!

Do you think eating healthy needs to be tasteless and boring?

Do you struggle to find the time to cook?

Take a deep breath and let it out again.

This is about making life easier not harder, take healthy eating to mouth-watering levels while gaining confidence, independence, and deliciousness in the kitchen, which will keep everyone coming back for more.

Super easy fad-free recipes to get you cooking

For less than the cost of a meal out, you can get cooking with confidence.

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Saves you time
In less than 30 minutes you can have a nutritious meal on the table and still have time to watch your favourite show.

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Tips & Tricks
There are a few simple kitchen tricks that can make food prep so much easier and the end result all the more delicious.


Vegan Swapsies
Great for those who are vegan or those looking to eat less meat and more greens! It's easy: simply look for the swapsies bubble!

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Food Science
With over 15 pages of learning, you'll cover everything from what sugar does to your blood and whether or not you should go organic.

Cooking with Confidence with Dr Kat



Simply Forever hard cover book

With 78 nutritious recipes, you won't know where to start! From learning the basics to selecting a light or hearty main, you'll be tummy happy in no time!

Simply Forever eCookbook

Out on the go and need an idea for dinner? We have you covered! Load up a recipe, grab your ingredients and you'll have a meal in a snap.

Cook with Dr Kat

With 9 episodes to choose from, you'll learn how to chop with flare and get some sneaky tricks to make your life easier in the kitchen!


About Dr Kat

Can you imagine the possibilities of a world full of confident people?

That’s where I come in. I give you the training and tools you’ll need to create the confident life you deserve to live.

My programs were created using my education (BA, MSc, PhD, Cert.Couns.), my life experience and by working with hundreds of people whose lives have changed for the better, forever.

I completely turned my life around at 34 years of age, so I’m proof it’s never too late to become who you’ve always wanted to be.


Episode Guide

Episode 1:
Let's get cooking!

Episode 2:
Here's clever trick to get the best flavour out of nuts!

Episode 3:
A easy way to chop an onion

Episode 4:
Get creative with carrots with this simple kitchen trick!

Episode 5:
Scared of using a BIG knife? Watch this.

Episode 6:
An clever (and cheap!) trick to wash your veggies safely.

Episode 7:
A simply way to make an amazing no-flip omelet

Episode 8:
The essential things to know about knives

Episode 9:
An easy (tropical) twist on an old favourite

Episode 10:
How to cheat with chocolate

"I use the book everyday and it's great! The coconut cups are my fave."

- Sandra Brotman

Simple, easy & delicious...

What more could you ask for? (Ok, Ryan Gosling as your pool boy... but realistically I mean...)