Bouncing Back from Burnout and Beyond: Shandra Moran’s story as a recovered workaholic

Episode 10: Secrets in the City with Dr Katherine

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A story of how external validation and metaphorical permission slips created barriers to Shandra’s true success. Shandra, a recovering workaholic, shares how her marriage, health and social life were neglected in pursuit of an unfulfilling career.

Feelings of guilt, shame, and never being enough once crowded Shandra’s head. After a shock diagnosis, Shandra created space to reconnect with her passion and now lives beyond burnout. Through Shandra’s own business ‘The Transit Lounge’, she has been able to help others get back to doing what they love, whilst making great money and not burning out in the process.

Keep on listening to this episode to hear Shandra’s tried and tested tips on navigating, or should I say, transiting the work life integration.

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