You say you’ll only have a bite.


You’ve had a $hit day, and f&*k it anyways, everything else is going wrong. Life is about moderation right? So why not just have the damn cookie. And maybe a glass of wine. Ok maybe a few more cookies.

YOLO and carpe diem and all that jazz, right?

If balance was easy to achieve, you wouldn’t be reading this post (and I wouldn’t have a job because I never would have struggled with it either).

Balance is tough to achieve because we all want to live in the moment (and eat all the pasta!), but we also want to fit into those damn jeans.

Making matters worse, the pleasure of eating can feel like the rush a wave, only to lose control and be pummelled into the beach with feelings of guilt, shame and loathing.

The irony of out-of-control eating is that the thoughts and feelings behind the binge are the key to controlling the binge. But the whole point of the binge is to ignore those same thoughts and feelings. D-oh!

It’s like the feelings and thoughts are someone yelling for help; panicking to be noticed. But we ignore these signals with comfort food instead.

So here’s an action point to consider:

It’s not easy, but try and tune into these thoughts and feelings, even just for a few seconds (yes, seconds).

Ask yourself:

  • What’s really going on here?

  • What do you really want?

A hug? A shoulder to cry on? For your past to disappear? For something in the present to go away?


It’s this ‘pause’ that will allow you the time and distance to really think about the true feelings, and sometimes memories, behind your behaviours.

(Oh and by the way, if you still eat the damn cookie, that’s ok. We didn’t learn how to read in a day, so why would our brain change overnight?)

I wish I could say it happens overnight, it won’t. Just like going to the gym to strengthen a muscle, it will take time, effort and dedication.

But like everything in life that takes effort, it will be worth it in the end.

Dr Kat xx


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Dr Katherine Iscoe