Why negative thoughts are bad for your health.

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The Spillover Effect

refers to when you like some things about your appearance, but you feel the things you don’t like ruin your entire appearance.

Can you relate to The Spillover Effect?  

You may find that you allow things to ‘spillover’ in other areas of your life too. It’s a combination of overgeneralisation and catastrophizing, both which can have an effect on your mental health.


Have you ever gone on a first date and then you don’t get asked out on a second date? Yep, me too. Overgeneralising may lead you to think that all dating sucks. Thinking about like this is bad for your health.

Overgeneralizing is ineffective for three reasons: 

First, it includes inaccurate thinking – what we think isn’t necessarily what’s true! That’s not a good place to start, is it?

Second, it lowers the quality of our life, because our thoughts are based on untruths, not reality.

Third, it has the potential to cause us a lot of unnecessary emotional discomfort – because if we’re thinking negatively, we’ll likely feel negative too right?



For now, consider these two important points:

There is a huge distinction between something being very unpleasant, like not being asked out on a second date, and something being a catastrophe, like Trump being president. Oh , you didn’t!

Also, ask yourself, are you relying on actual evidence to predict the future? Or are you relying on your feelings? Which one do you think would be more reliable? Objective evidence? Or subjective feelings? (I think you know the answer already).

Written only with love and kindness,