Why it’s ok NOT to have children.

why it's ok not to have children.jpg

I’ve never had the desire to procreate and still, don’t.

I believe this is still hard for many women to confidently say out loud, perhaps because it seems wrong that we don’t use the abilities that we naturally have. It’s OK to not want to have children.

"But you would make a great mother!"

Thank you! Eszie (fur baby) thinks so, and so do Breesha and Tiffany (my partner's kids).

“You’ll change your mind, you just wait and see!”

Yep, and if I do, guess what? That’s ok too.

“But what if it’s too late?”

I’ll worry about that but thank you.

“But don’t you feel incomplete?”

Have you seen my shoe closet?

Having children is like getting a tattoo on your face: you need to be fully committed.

And since spending the last several years with my partner’s children, I can see why people would want them: they are just… so… awesome.

But on days like Mother’s Day, I think it’s also important to remember that for many, many years, women didn’t have the right to choose many things in life: we couldn’t vote, we couldn’t open a bank account (alone), we couldn’t practice law… the list goes on and on.

It’s also important to recognise that women have a choice whether to have children or not and that is something to celebrate and feel confident about.

Written only with love and kindness,