What you NEED to know about the ONLY Body Confidence School on EARTH!


If you’re wondering if The School is for you, know this: there are absolutely no pre-requisites, no age limits, nor is it gender specific.

Issues with body confidence affect everyone, no matter your colour, shape or size.

The School is about helping people become happier, healthier and more confident through education, not motivation.

It’s about finding your why.


1.          FACTS, NOT FUDGE. (Although fudge is pretty good). The information that you’ll absorb from the School of Body Confidence is not based on articles from fashion magazines talking about body confidence. I’ve spent countless hours going through research, contacting specialists, and testing out these modules. Why? because I only want to offer you the most up to date and relevant info. My reputation is at stake, and I don’t take my reputation lightly. If you want to know more about me, you can check me out here.

2.          EDUCATION, NOT INSPIRATION. If you think this is a series of motivational videos, sorry to disappoint, but there’s no motivation here! What I believe in is knowledge. Educating ourselves so that when the $hit hits the fan because guess what, it will, knowing how to assess the situation with less emotion and more knowledge will help you come out cleaner. Not clean, just cleaner! Inspiration can’t do that!

3.          ENJOYMENT. Learning shouldn’t be a task, it should be something that you want to do, even when it’s something as serious as body confidence. As Charlie Chaplin said “Laughter is the tonic, the relief, the surcease for pain.” So yes, there will be a lot of jokes and silliness, because I think the best way to learn is through laughter.

4.          NEW INFORMATION. Throughout your curriculum, you’ll learn lots of new concepts and terms. I’ve done my very best to keep it interesting and engaging; because I don’t want you falling asleep on me do I? But if anything confuses you, make sure to post your question on either the forum or even better, our School of Body Confidence private Facebook Group. Lots of people will be there to help.

5.          A-HA! Lastly, I think it’s really important to note that these courses will likely lead you to experiencing a few “a-ha” moments when you least expect them. Because the fact is, knowledge is not set in stone. That goes for everyone: researchers, doctors, lawyers, painters, architects, chefs, beauticians, and for sure, parents. So always be open to learning things in different ways and let those ‘oh yeah’ moments do their magic.


1.          My main goal with the School of Body Confidence is to challenge how people think. What I mean is that the concepts and information I provide within these courses are meant to nudge you into looking at yourself and the world in a different way.

2.          Helping you develop realistic expectations are a huuuuuge part of my Approach. So if you’re expecting to complete a course or two then go running out bikini shopping, I’ll save you the time, you’ll be disappointed. My School is about education, not beautification!

3.          Like everything else in life, these things take dedication and practice, practice and more practice to get it right. That’s why I call it The Forever Approach – the stuff you learn in these courses takes a lifetime of practice and dedication. Probably not what you want to hear in a world full of quick fixes, but it’s the truth!

4.          Can you skip ahead to the Intermediate levels? Well, you could, that would be like skipping grade school and going right to University. Things just won’t make sense, and it will be a waste of your time and money. Plus, you’ll be super-duper frustrated, and isn’t life already frustrating enough? The reason why I’ve organised the courses in this specific format is for your benefit; it’s about gradual learning.

5.          I really hope that The School of Body Confidence will help you on your journey to becoming healthier, happier and more confident, but I’ll be the first to admit I don’t know everything! There are some amazing specialists and experts out there that will and can add to your wealth of knowledge. As the School of Confidence grows, I’m hoping more experts will want to come on board. Because at the end of the day, confidence isn’t about competition, so why not work together, right?

6.          During your courses, you’ll likely feel emotional, and that’s why I urge you to use and lean on your own social network for support. Or even better, I can’t recommend seeking the help of a private counsellor or psychologist. My hand to heart, I wouldn’t be sitting here today without the help of one. In Australia, here’s a great site to help you find one. Click the link here. 

So, are you ready to be happier, healthier and more confident?

If so, I’ll see you in School!