Do you miss what you looked like in the past?

Do you look back 10 years and think “I should have appreciated what I had then!”. You know, the days where hair grew where it should and wrinkle cream was only found in your grandma’s cabinet?

When I look back at this picture of me 10 years ago, I think “well hello there, you ain’t so bad!” Yet at the time, I just nit-picked every detail.

Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 7.30.42 pm.png

But here’s the interesting part: why are we waiting for another 10 years to appreciate what we all have today?

An interesting 2012 study said that in general, we get more positive as we age because we’re able to "let go" of regrets so we are able to actually feel less regret.

So a little something to think about this evening: in 10 years, do you want to live with regret and say “I should have appreciated”…

or would you rather say “I appreciated myself then, as I do now”?

You don’t need to have hindsight to look at the glass half full.

Written with love, as always, Dr Kat x

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Dr Katherine Iscoe