What’s the point?

 Have you ever said that to yourself?

“It’s all just too hard”
“I might as well just quit”
“Things will never change”

When we’re going through yucky times it’s hard to see any positives. It’s like a heavy grey blanket that covers us up, and no matter how much we want to see colour, all we see is grey. We lose sight of the future. But more importantly, we lose faith in ourselves.

During these times, it’s only human to want to know what will happen. Will things get better? Will things change? Should I keep trying? Should I give up?

If we knew the future, things would be so much easier. We would know how to fix our problems, and that they’d go away. But knowing the future isn’t possible. And knowing the future wouldn’t teach us anything.

So how can we fix a problem? Here's how:

Stop focusing on the problem – and start focusing on yourself. When did you stop trusting yourself? When did you lose faith in yourself? When did you stop being confident with yourself? You can’t fix a problem if you don’t fix yourself first.

So stop trying to make problems magically disappear, and start believing. Believe and have complete trust and confidence that things can improve. But this trust and confidence needs to start with you.

Dr Kat x

Dr Katherine Iscoe