*What’s the cure when you can’t stop crying?”


We all have our own way of dealing with hiccups, a cold, or a nasty rash, but what’s the cure when you can’t stop crying? Or when your boyfriend has dumped you and you feel like you’ll be alone forever? Or when you’ve eaten your weight worth of ice cream and think you’ll never get in control of your diet?

Fact of the matter is: sharing won’t make your life perfect. Sharing won’t make all your problems go away forever. And It certainly won’t make you wake up every day as happy as Mary Poppins.

But here’s what it will do for you: rid you of the shame that you feel. The funny thing is we will do everything to avoid shame, but as soon as we let it out, our worlds change.

After admitting something you feel ashamed about, you realise letting go of shame is the weight you actually want to lose. Releasing shame enables you to find the strength to open another door to a new way of living, and perceiving.

So tonight, if something is on your mind, why not let it go? Write it down on a piece of paper and rip it up. Text it to a good friend. Or heck, just yell it out.

Because when you do, you’ll realise you are more human when you admit your shame than when you try and hide it.

Written with love, Dr Kat x

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Dr Katherine Iscoe