I do things differently.

Fact is, life is short. I want to help you build your confidence as quickly as we can. That's why your first appointment lasts 7 days (yes, you read that right).

Currently I am not taking on any more clients, but please feel free to contact me for other options.

You've tried everything.

The diets, the exercise plans – but you still feel trapped in a cycle of unhealthy habits and negative thoughts. Maybe a light bulb switched on after reading one of my social media posts, or maybe you're just sick and tired of watching your life pass you by.

And now, you’re ready to break the cycle and begin the process of transforming your life.

It’s like a mindset reset.

There is no way I can truly describe how we’ll work together, because we all will have different past and current experiences. But here’s what I can say: I work with people who realise that if they want their life to change, they’re going to have to change too – and this will take effort. But that’s where I come in – if you are ready for it (and willing to work for it), I can help you unlock your potential so you can become your very best self.

I have one-off appointments, or membership options for long-term mentoring.

Steps to how we work together.

My consultation process isn’t just coming in to see me for a session. After working with hundreds of clients, I’ve created the most efficient and effective process there is.

The process starts as soon as you book the appointment, and doesn’t end until a week after our session together.

During those 7 days, you and I will continue to work together so we can tap into your ‘real-life’ mindset.

It’s a process like no other, and one that works.

The process


Complete the pre-consultation survey.

After you've booked your appointment (which can be attended either in person or online), you'll receive a comprehensive email with a link to complete an in-depth questionnaire before our first meeting.

Essentially, I’m aiming to get to know you as well as you know yourself. After that, my goal is to be in your shoes. This means we can start making progress immediately, instead of spending our time getting background information.


Your Session

As long as you have a mobile or laptop, good internet access, and access to quiet, safe place, your online session will be just like a face-to-face session.

In those 60 minutes, we’ll enter a judgement-free zone of self-exploration, realisation and progression towards your new self.

At the end, I will give you action points and tools to further develop what we’ve worked on during our session.


The Secret Weapon

Our communication doesn’t end there. During the next 7 days not only will I give you gentle nudges to complete your homework, but you’ll also keep a diary of your thoughts and feelings… with a twist.

To keep you accountable, you will be texting these thoughts to me.

This is my ‘secret weapon’ to unlock the thoughts that are holding you back from being the best version of your self.


Our follow-up session

Seven days after our final session, we’ll jump back on a call for 15 minutes.

This allows me to check in with you about your progress and results, and answer any questions you may have.

Continued support options are available to selected clients. The reason I say ‘selected’ is because (as mentioned above), results don’t happen by magic. Sometimes we’re simply not at the point of our lives to dedicate the time and energy to catalyse the kind of change we desire.

So, if I don’t think you’re ready to continue, I’ll let you know. But also know I’ll be here when you’re ready.

The Benefits Of A Confidence Mentor

Who the heck am I?
People usually call me Dr Kat, and have even named me  “The Confidence Expert”.
Other than having a pretty bad shoe addiction, I have completed my Bachelor, Masters and Doctoral degrees in exercise physiology and a post-graduate certificate in counselling.

To toot my own horn, I’ve received several academic awards and have written over 20 clinical papers, books and abstracts.

Who have I worked with?

I’ve listened to hundreds of people and learned each has a powerful story to tell. Some stories were heartbreaking, others were painful, and others were horrific.

I rarely post any testimonials because fact is, most people want to do the process without anyone knowing. 

Feel safe and let it out.

My clients often hold a tremendous amount of shame, and it is this shame, rather than their weight or appearance, that holds them back from living the life they’ve always wanted to live.

Sure, changing what we eat and how much we move will influence how our body looks and feels, which is important.

News flash: that isn’t rocket science.

Let's get real.

If you are one of the millions of people chasing the solution for long-term success, here’s what you need to understand:

Our body is the sum and reflection of multiple factors, but every single change that we make starts in our brain.

Your life depends on your attitude towards it, not the size or shape of your ass.

Let's take the next step together.

  • Pre-consultation questionnaire
  • 60 minute private session
  • 7-day accountability partnership
  • Follow up session
  • Customised action plan
  • Faq


    Unfortunately not at this time. However, I have some wonderful psychologists and counsellors that I often refer my clients (or potential clients) to!


    Great question young grasshopper – and SO glad you even thought to ask! I have over 20 years experience in the health and wellness space, including a post-graduate certificate in counselling. However, I’m the first to admit (and scream out!) that the only thing I really know is that I still don’t know a LOT! That’s why it’s always best to email me first so I can figure out if I’m the right person for you. If not, I’ll do my best to find someone who can help!


    The mentoring process is a 2-way street, it only works if you do the work! It’s important to understand this isn’t a quick-fix or even ‘easy’ process. So if you’re ready to dive in, I’m ready too! Let’s do this!

    In Person or Online

    You can either choose to visit me in person or we can ‘meet up’ online.

    Many of my clients love the convenience of online appointments as there’s no difficulty in travelling to appointments because of distance or remoteness, mobility problems, children, or simply your busy work schedule.

    Address: SUITE 5, 71-73 SOUTH PERTH ESPLANADE, SOUTH PERTH. Plenty of parking available.

    APPOINTMENT HOURS: Tuesday & Thursday 10am-6pm (Other times by appointment only)

    Learn how to quiet your inner bully so you can live fearlessly and get shit done!