Ok so the group thing is not for you, I get it.

Some people prefer one to one sessions where we can really get to the bottom of your confidence issues. During our time, together I aim to get to know you as well as you know yourself. I want to know what you truly want to achieve with your health because, more often than not, what people want and what is possible are not the same thing. It's important to note that my approach isn't for people looking for a quick fix or dramatic short-term gains as I know the damage goals like these can cause.

My process is hard work and it takes time. So, if you're looking for a quick fix - this isn’t it - sorry!

If this sounds helpful to you, read on and I’ll explain the process in more detail.

Here's How We'll Work Together

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Where, When and How

When you're ready to book, send me an email and we'll organise a suitable time to meet.
Appointments can be in person (South Perth, WA) or via Skype, Facetime or Whatsapp video.




Upon booking, you'll receive an email providing you will all the details you need to know. It will also include a questionnaire for you to fill out so I can get a jump-start in getting to know you.

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Our 60 minute catch-up

During our time together, you'll become my teacher, and I'm the student. I try and learn everything I can about you, so I can do whatever I can to help you. It's a bit difficult to describe what else happens, as everyone is different. But the one thing I can say for sure is I have a "we'll-get-it-done" attitude to getting a smile back on your face.  



Planning Ahead

I don't believe in advice, because at the end of the day I truly believe you have the answer inside of you. After our session, I'll give you things to consider, so you start looking at your world in a different way – a new perspective. A week later, we'll have a follow-up call (no additional costs) and decide what the next best steps are for you.


“I don’t hate my body either anymore, I’ve learnt to love and accept it, even with its flaws...”

- Amanda Stollery

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+ Are the sessions confidential?

Fact of the matter is your business is your business. If you're comfortable enough to share it with me, I respect that to the highest degree, my reputation depends on this. I will never share anything that we discuss (unless you want me to of course!)

+ How much are the sessions?

Sessions are one hour long and include a follow up phone call, and are $250 inc. Please note that unfortunately at this time I am not able to provide Medicare rebates.

+ Is this for me?

It is extremely important to note that if you suffer from severe body image, disordered eating, depression, anxiety or any other mental health issue, it is highly recommended to seek the care of a licensed psychololgist. Please see the Australian Psychological Society website to find someone who could help. As I often refer my clients elsewhere, if you're a therapist and would like to get on my list of referals, please contact me.