Finding success


Perceptions vs Reality

Success is not in the numbers on your bathroom scales.

It’s in the happiness you feel each day, the perceptions you have of yourself and your appearance, and your self-esteem.

If you search for weight loss on Google, you get (roughly) 235,000,000 results in 0.57 seconds. That sounds a bit astounding, the sheer number of options for people to lose weight. There’s an incredible statistic that’s been tossed around since 1859 when a clinical study revealed this simple fact (and it still rings true today): 95% of all dieters will regain the weight they lose within just one year. If diets and weight loss programs actually did work, there wouldn’t be a 700 billion-dollar (and growing) diet industry.

Client Stories

Dr Katherine isn’t like a standard psychologist, ex phys or nutritionist. She comes from a place of experience and pure love which makes her so easy to listen to and resonate with what she talks about, then backed by science. I love this combo of science, pure reality, no sugar coating or avoiding any topics. She doesn’t just say ‘I want to help’, she gives the tools and plants seeds of love in your heart and mind for you to water.

Katherine has been assisting my 16-year-old daughter with teenage ‘lifestyle issues’ for the last 2 years. Kat’s help has, and continues to be invaluable.  She has a wealth of personal experiences, academic knowledge and a very caring intuitive nature. She is all about balance, happiness, self-respect and all round lifestyle health. She ‘walks her talk’ and really is an inspiration.  To us she is a champion of ‘self-kindness’.

I booked into the body confidence retreat with no expectations at all… All I knew was that I had zero self esteem and I needed a confidence boost. I know I’ve been through a lot but I thought I was ok- ish!!!.

I’m only telling my story now so you understand where I’ve been and how far I’ve come and how much Dr K has really helped me… she’s a life saver xx

I realised today that if I had the perfect body that I am always striving for, life would not be any better. In fact happiness has little to do with how lean I look. I loved this workshop and walk away with a new outlook on life.

Thank you Dr Katherine, you are so inspiring.

Dr Kat is a wonderful speaker who really engages with everyone in the room. The workshop addressed many issues which women face on a daily basis. Kat shares her story and struggles to allow others to have a voice and make change. Simply the best!!

Let’s get real here. Diets don’t work.

Changing the way you live your life is a massive commitment. Many of us get caught up in the before and after effects of a magic diet pill that we begin to fixate on the figures on the scales and what our waistline looks like. By understanding why you think and feel the way you do, only then will you begin to treat your body as less of a yo-yo and more of a vehicle to achieving your dreams.

That’s where there are no before and after shots of any mentions of weight loss with my program, because that’s just the tip of the iceberg if you want to see transformations in the long term.

Evidence of Success

Like a band-aid, diet and exercise only mask something much deeper. As a society, we are obsessed with those digits that appear on the scale.

Yes, body weight is an important health metric. But it does not paint a complete picture.

What does a set of scales fail to show?

  • Your nutrition levels
  • Your fitness levels
  • How much sleep you are getting
  • Your satisfaction in life
  • Your overall state of health
  • Your stress levels
  • Your current mindset
What do I measure instead?

I believe that measuring how you feel about your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing is much more indicative than a bunch of digits.

What you’ll see and hear me talk about are the stories of clients who have transformed important aspects of their lives, from lifestyle to work life to self-love. You’ll learn about the changes in happiness and self-esteem that occurs when we take the journey together. We will consistently be reviewing your progress to being the fabulous person you want to be.

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