One of my best friends has three kids, all under the age of six. She was talking about how she feels when she wakes up and how she feels when she goes to bed. I’m paraphrasing here, but essentially she said, ‘I don’t get enough sleep, and I never get enough done’.

Let me ask you this: if your mindset is always on half empty, how can you ever be happy, healthy or confident? It would be pretty darn tough.

Another thing to consider is how to go about your day when you haven’t had a good night’s sleep, because guess what? Sleepless nights will happen!

So here’s something to consider to help you get through your day with a few more smiles: my FBE Bedside Starter.

Now, just to be clear, the FBE starter won’t magically give you more sleep, or give you a secret twin to help you get twice as much stuff done during the day, but it will help you take a step back and change your perspective for the day.

FBE stands for:

Feelings – how do you feel? tired, angry, energised? if it’s a negative emotion, are you trying to avoid it? Numb it? Remember, negative emotions are just as important as positive ones. Sit with it, and question it. Try to figure out where the emotional message is coming from.

Beliefs – what is the first belief you have about yourself? Fat, lazy, awesome? Why do you have this thought? Again, try to figure out where the belief message is coming from.

Expectations – what are your expectations for the day? Are they realistic? Would you expect your best friend, sister or parent to accomplish what you’re trying to accomplish? Why or why not?

Like I said, the FBE bedside starter isn’t going to make your problems magically disappear, it’s just meant to get you thinking about all the things you’re trying to avoid thinking about. It will help you start your day smiling.

QUICK TIP: Write ‘FBE’ on a piece of paper and post it by your bedside or on your bathroom mirror as a gentle reminder to check in each morning.