Oh hello!

Dear beautiful, amazing and oh-so confident you,

Yes, you - the one who's confident deep inside but may not have come out to play in while.

By just visiting this site, you've taken the hardest step:

Accepting there is work to do!

The picture above is me, around 12 years of age. I'm the girl that scrawled 'flabo' on my thighs.

You see, for most of my life, I thought that if I got the body I wanted, I would finally be happy. I thought, finally, everybody would love me... but thinking like that meant happiness couldn't have been further away.

If this even remotely resonates with you, I'm so glad to meet you,

you're in the right place.

My Story: When perfect still isn't enough

For years I wanted a "perfect" body more than anything else... because if I had that I’d be happy... right?

These images of me look like the standard 'before and after' shots you normally see on weight loss sites...

Looking back I can see I had the "perfect body", but I was anything but happy.

I wasn't happy on the left... and I wasn't happy 10kg lighter on the right.


I obsessed about my diet. I counted every calorie and agonised over food choices. I felt unbearable guilt when I didn't achieve my unrealistic goals.

I exercised for hours a day. I ran with blood filled shoes. I trained when I had hip pain, later finding out I had a fractured pelvis... and, to top things off, a fractured coccyx too.

Despite knowing exactly how my body worked, I still punished it daily with harder workouts and yo-yoing my food intake.

In the end I had a complete meltdown and had to fly to Canada to be with my Mom. I was crumbling.

The good news is that despite the complicated relationship I had with my body, I have since achieved a happy balance.


By applying the knowledge I acquired completing my Bachelor, Masters and PhD in exercise physiology, combined with my real-life experiences I was able to develop a practical model I call

'The Forever Approach'

My approach covers the seven areas of our physiology and psychology that will help balance your physical and mental well-being, as well as improve the relationship you have with your body...

...and now it’s available for everyone.

So if you're feeling...

  • Overwhelmed with all the different diets on the market.
  • Worried that you aren't exercising enough.
  • Unsure if you are getting enough sleep.
  • Stressed that you aren't eating the right things.
  • Stuck in a never ending repeat of fad diets.

You're not alone... and you can change this.

Living the Forever Approach

Guess what?... #spoileralert

Life isn't full of unicorns and rainbows, so why do we keep trying to achieve the impossible?

  • If you gained weight over 10 years, why expect to lose it in 8 weeks and keep it off?
  • If you've always polished off a tub of ice-cream when you're stressed, why expect to just stop comfort eating overnight?

It's just not realistic to completely change who you are overnight.

This can seem daunting when you don't know where to start, I know how you're feeling because I've been through it.

But now you've got me to guide you.

With the Forever Approach I can give you practical (i.e. not created for Super Woman), step-by-step guidance so you will have the knowledge to understand your body and be confident in your own skin.

Remember, you are not alone, you can change.

"Body Confidence is more than just how you look.

It's about who you are, who you want to be, and how you are going to get there."

- Dr Kat

"Dr K has completely transformed my life and has helped me lose the weight that I needed... the weight of guilt and shame."

Feli Singkang, Perth - Western Australia

Next Steps?

I'd love to get to know you and help you start your body confidence journey.

I run weekend retreats all year round where I help people become 'body smart' and rediscover their confidence...

...or if you're not really into the group thing (ha ha) then I also do one-on-ones.

"The Forever Approach is absolutely life changing, for the first time I am actually starting to love my body just as it is and the way that this flows throughout my life is just amazing."

Holly Scott, Perth - Western Australia

Why should you choose me?

My name is Dr Katherine Iscoe, and I'm a body confidence expert.

I have completed my Bachelor, Masters and Doctoral degrees in exercise physiology and biotechnology, and currently I'm completing my post-graduate certificate in counselling.

I've received several academic awards and have written over 20 clinical papers, books and abstracts.

When I'm not shoe shopping, I can often be found delivering talks on body confidence and I've even been on TV, radio and in the press.

I've helped hundreds of women regain control of their body and confidence, and I'd love to help you too.

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